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How do I find the product I need?

There are two ways.

A. If you know the type of product you are after but not the exact name, follow this simple three step process:

1 Select the product category in Products - Quick Find.

2 On the map that appears, select your nearest branch.

Either select from the drop down list, or click on the icon on the map representing the branch. Roll your mouse over each icon for the name of that branch to appear.


3 On the next screen that appears, select the specific product. Information will then be displayed relevant to that product.

B. If you know the exact name of the product you are after (it must be the exact name) and the branch from where you wish to purchase or receive information, then enter the product name and select the branch in the boxes under ‘Know what you’re after?

Sometimes products from different categories have the same name. Choose the product that matches your requirements.

How do I find branch information?

Simply select the branch about which you want the information in the Branch - Quick Find box.

Alternatively, you can get to the home page of the branch by typing into the address bar (substitute ‘branchname’ with the name of the branch you want).

Once you are on the branch homepage, there is abundant information about that branch found in the branch links at the bottom left.

How do I find out where a branch is?

Each branch has comprehensive contact details under ‘Contact’, including a Google Map.

How do I search for general information?

Type the word or phrase that describes the information you are after into the ‘Search Site’ box found at the top right of each page.

Using this search will return all pages and documents that contain that search word or phrase.

What is the difference between the search boxes?

There are three ways you can search on this site.

  1. In the top right of each page, there is the ‘Site Search’ box. This is for general searches and will return every page and document that contains the search word or phrase. (See: How do I search for general information?) This is not the best search to use if you know exactly which product or branch you are after.
  2. The Know what you’re after? search boxes allow you to go directly to a specific product from a specific branch. (See: section B in How do I find the product I need?)
  3. The Branch - Quick Find takes you directly to the home page of that branch. (See: How do I find branch information?)
    While the Product - Quick Find is not a search function as such, it is usually the best way to retrieve product information.

How do I find out about Metroll?

Click ‘About Metroll’ at the top of each page, or ‘About’ under ‘About Metroll’ on the home page or click here.

How do I get more information about a product?

On each product page, there is button at the left of the mage entitled ‘Sales Enquiry’. Simply click on that, fill out the form, submit, and a Metroll representative will be in contact as soon as possible.

Can I order online?

Metroll is investigating the feasibility of a full online ordering system. For the moment, use the ‘Sales Enquiry’ button to commence your order process or ring your local branch (all phone numbers can be found under Contact on the branch home page or click here.)

How do I make the product pictures bigger?

Each product page has a thumbnail product picture to the right. To make that picture bigger, simply click on the ‘Larger Image’ button under the photo.

To close this window, simply click on the CLOSE link at the bottom right of the image.

How do I print a page?

Each information page can be printed in a print friendly format. Simply click the Print Page button on the left of the page.

Do I need to go back to the home page each time I want to see a different product?

No. Once you are in the pages of a branch, you can move between the products in that branch freely.