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Continuous trapezoidal roof and/or wall cladding
METROSPAN® - 2° Minimum Roof Pitch
AS 1170.2
SAA Loading Code - Wind Loads
AS 1397
Sheet and Strip Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated or Aluminium/Zinc Coated.
AS 1526
One Part Polysulphide-based Sealing Compounds for the Building Industry.
AS 1562.1
Design and Installation of Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding, Part 1: Metal.
AS 2179
Rainwater Goods - Specification.
AS 2180
Rainwater Goods - Design and Installation.
AS 2728
Pre-painted and Organic Film/Laminate Products -
Performance Requirements for Interior & Exterior Applications in Buildings.
AS 3566
Screws Self-Drilling for the Building and Construction Industries.
Where indicated on the drawings, provide and fix continuous trapezoidal roof and/or wall cladding all as specified herein complete with all necessary fasteners, accessories, trims and flashings. All such work shall be in accordance with AS 1562.1, AS 2179, AS 2180 and AS 3566.
Roofing (and/or walling) shall be Metrospan continuous trapezoidal roof/wall cladding all as described below:
Number of ribs
1 underlap, 1 overlap, 7 internal
Rib height
24mm ± 1.0mm
Anti-Capillary Feature
Flute formed at junction of crest and flank of underlapping ribs.
Cover width
700mm ± 4.0mm
Base metal thickness
0.42mm, 0.48mm
Approximate total coated thickness
0.47mm or 0.53mm
Steel base description
AS 1397-G550 (550MPa minimum yield strength)
Metallic coating description
AS 1397-AZ 150 (150g/m2 minimum coating mass)
Organic coatings (if used)
To AS 2728
Normal environments
Colorbond® XRW
Severe environments
Colorbond® ULTRA
Fastener Selection for Non Cyclonic
Fixing to Steel Batten Material
0.42 to 1.0mm
Fixing to Cold Formed Steel
Purlin & Girt
Material 1.2mm BMT to 3.5mm
Fixing to Hot Rolled Steel Purlin & Girt Material
3.5mm tp 6.4mm (Non Stocked Items)
Fixing to
Type 17
Number of Fasteners
per m2
Crest Fixed
M6-11 x 50mm
HiGrip® - Shank
Guard Hex. Washer
Hd. Self Drilling
M5.5-14 x 50mm
HiGrip® - Shank
Guard Hex. Washer
Hd. Self Drilling
SHS 14-20 x 65mm
Hex. Washer Hd.
Self Drilling Screws
M6-11 x 65mm
HiGrip® - Shank
Guard Hex. Washer
Hd. Self Drilling
5 to 6
Valley Fixed
SHS 10-16 x 16mm
Hex Washer Hd
Self Drilling Screws
SHS 10-16 x 16mm
Hex. Washer Hd.
Self Drilling and
Tapping Screws
SHS 14-20 x 22mm
Hex. Washer Hd
Self Drilling and
Tapping Screws
THS 12-11 x 25mm
Hex. Washer Hd.
Self Drilling Roofzips


1. Coating of fasteners shall comply with AS 3566 Class 3 for exterior applications. XRW - Climaseal, ULTRA - ZAC or 40 Microns Zinc, Colorbond® Stainless - Stainless Steel.

2. Add a minimum on 10mm to the nominated fastener length, when fixing over insulation blanket.

3. All fasteners exposed to the weather shall be fitted with sealing washers to comply with ASTM, D 2000.

4. Any selection made from this table is to be checked against the latest version of Blue Scope Steel Australia Technical Bulletin TB-16 to ensure that fastener finish is appropriate for the service conditions.

5. Climaseal, HiGrip, Shank Guard and ZAC are registered trademarks of ITW Buildex.
Packs of sheets shall be kept dry in transit and on-site to prevent water and/or condensation being trapped between adjacent surfaces. Packs shall be safely and neatly stacked on site, clear of the ground and protected from rain and moisture. Any sheets which become wet shall be separated, wiped clean, dried and re-stacked in a manner to allow free air circulation.
Sheets shall be cut in a manner, and in a location, such that damage is avoided both to the subject sheet and to other nearby finished building products.
Sheets shall be laid with correct overlaps on battens or purlins spaced at centres not exceeding the manufacturer's maximum recommended span for the specific conditions pertaining at the site of the works, as determined by the building designer. Wherever practicable roof runs shall be covered with single-length sheets from crest to gutter. End laps and/or expansion joints shall be provided in longer roofs at the spacings, and to the details, set down by the manufacturer's installation manual, and purlin/batten spacings and positions adjusted accordingly.

Sheets shall be handled carefully, in the interests of occupational health and safety and to avoid damage to nearby finished building products. Where sheets and/or accessories are provided with strippable plastic coatings, such material shall be removed at time of installation and disposed of in a responsible manner. Fix sheeting with appropriate fasteners (from table herein) in all respects in accordance with the instructions given in the manufacturer's installation manual.

Turn high ends of sheets up, and gutter ends down to the extent, and using the tool, specified in the manufacturer's installation manual. All flashings, trims and closures to adjoining work shall be made from matching material, or from other approved compatible material and shall be formed, notched and fitted so as to present an effective, neat and workmanlike finished job. Where necessary, flashings shall be lapped and sealed at joints in accordance with the manufacturer's installation manual.

At the conclusion of each day's work, and at the completion of the roofing contract, all roof areas shall be swept clean, ensuring that all metal swarf and other debris is removed. A close inspection shall follow to make certain that no small, heavy items (e.g. unused fasteners or mandrels of concealed-fastening rivets) are lodged in places from which coating damage could be initiated.


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