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Metlok 700

Metlok 700® is custom-length, high tensile steel trapezoidal steel roofing manufactured from 0.42mm and 0.48mm B.M.T Colorbond® and Zincalume®.

Metlok 700® has a normal cover width of 700mm and maximum length of 35 metres and is designed to lock over concealed fixing clips, which in turn are fixed to supporting members. It is manufactured by continuous roll form method and is ideal for use on new and renovating domestic and commercial/industrial applications.


Minimum Roof Pitch
For roofs with continuous sheets and no end laps the minimum roof pitch is 1 (1 to 60) to prevent ponding from occurring. This minimum pitch must be adhered to at all points of the roof. For roofs with end laps the minimum lap is 200mm for pitches between 5 and 15 and 150mm above 15, For walls allow maximum end laps of 100mm.

End laps in roofs of less than 5 should be sealed with a suitable sealant. The sealant should be in two runs; one at the low end of the lap to prevent moisture being drawn in by capillary action. The other should be at the height end of the lap to prevent condensation that may form under the top sheet, from draining down the underside and entering the lap. Sheets should be laid in the opposite direction to the prevailing weather.


We supply Metlok 700® sheets up to a maximum length of 35 metres depending on the load limit regulations set by the relevant local transport authority. Lengths to be manufactured by Metroll should be site measurements, not those taken from plans. Length tolerance on Metlok 700® is + or - 15mm.


  • Ideal for high wind areas
  • Excellent cost/performance ratios
  • Long lengths
  • Aesthetic
  • Wide cover, concealed fix-deck
  • Snap locking system
  • Wider spans
  • Low pitch


For further information and technical details,see the Metlok 700® Fact Sheet.