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MetrocladŽ 850

Metroclad® 850 is a low rib height, custom length, high tensile steel wall cladding manufactured from .35mm and .42 B.M.T. Colorbond® and Zincalume®. Metroclad® 850 is ideal for wall cladding on rural, commercial and domestic applications. Metroll can supply Metroclad® 850 Colorbond® or Zincalume® sheeting up to a maximum length of 6 metres. Longer lengths may be possible to be supplied, subject to arrangement. Lengths ordered to be manufactured by Metroll must be site measurements, not those taken off plans.

Metroclad® 850 has an overall width of 880mm wide with a cover width of 850mm, 214mm pan x 13mm rib height.


Metroclad® 850 is a wall profile only - it is not to be used for roofing purposes. For walls which require the sheets to be end lapped please allow minimum end laps of 100mm.

Metroclad® 850 may be fastened to timber or steel supports by valley fixing. There should be 4 fixings per sheet at ends and end laps and 4 fixings per sheet at intermediate supports. Always face side laps away from prevailing winds.


  • Roll formed
  • Custom cut
  • Low profile
  • Large width
  • Easy to install
  • Hi-Tensile steel