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Metrospan® is a versatile roofing and cladding profile that is aesthetically pleasing product, it is ideal for almost any use.

Metrospan® is a roll formed, custom-length, high tensile steel uniformly profiled roofing and wall sheeting material, manufactured from .42mm and .48mm B.M.T. Colorbond® and Zincalume® or Galvanised® steel. Metrospan® is ideal for roofing and wall cladding on commercial and industrial buildings, roofing for new homes, home extensions, carports, garages, covered patios, fencing, fascia and facade work.


Metroll can supply Metrospan® Colorbond® or Zincalume® sheeting up to a maximum length of 21 meters depending on load limit regulations set by the relevant local transport authority. Lengths ordered to be manufactured by Metroll must be site measurements, not those taken off plans. The required sheet length is obtained by measuring the distance from the ridges to external edges, or fascia and adding 50mm for overhang into gutter. Length tolerance on Metrospan is ▒ 10mm.

When longer lengths or large volumes are ordered, contact your local branch for more details.


For roofs with continuous sheets and no end laps the minimum roof pitch is 2 ║ (1 in 30). To prevent ponding from occurring this minimum pitch must be adhered to at all points of the roof. For roofs with end laps the minimum lap is 200mm for pitches between 2║ and 15║ and 150mm above 15║. For walls allow maximum end laps of 100mm.


  • Custom cut
  • Light
  • Impact resistant
  • Long life
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Modern
  • Aesthetically pleasing


For further information and technical details, see the Metrospan® Fact Sheet.