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Mini CorodekŪ

A small ribbed version of Corodek®, Mini Corodek® is well suited to cladding of all types of buildings, as well as for use as a superior interior finish.

An elegant profile in a traditional style, Mini Corodek® is a sophisticated corrugated profile from Metroll which is suitable for use in exterior and interior applications on straight or curved surfaces.

To a maximum length of 5 metres, its elegant profile is ideally suited for uses such as ceilings and soffit linings, feature walls and partitions, screens and small awnings, not subject to any foot traffic. It can be used with the corrugations vertical or horizontal. Mini Corodek® is available in a range of attractive colours in Colorbond® and Zincalume®.


Mini Corodek® can be cut where necessary by using a circular saw with a metal cutting blade, not an abrasive disc. When you cut Colorbond® sheeting ensure the coloured surface is placed downwards to lessen the likelihood of swarf (hot metal filings) being embedded in the exposed painted surface.


  • Unique designer product
  • Strong & rigid
  • Custom cut
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Curving quality
  • Multi purpose


For further information and technical details, see the Mini Corodek® Fact Sheet.