SafeBridge® is an innovative, award-winning roof insulation system that can be adapted to almost any commercial or industrial roof structure. Fully compliant with the current requirements of the BCA Section J, SafeBridge® utilises the existing purlin space to provide energy efficient roof insulation without compromising roof height, wind rating or structural integrity. 

SafeBridge® uses the highest quality components developed by Metroll, Bradford Insulation, ITW BUILDEX and Australian Mesh and is only available when used with these components. SafeBridge® is the roof insulation system of choice for cost effectiveness, high-performance and safe installation.

For more information visit the dedicated SafeBridge® website for technical information, product details and case studies.

  • Requires no additional roof spacers to elevate the roof sheet above the purlin
  • Helps achieve high thermal performance
  • Retains structural integrity and load points of the roof interior
  • Suits most roof pitches and complex roof designs
  • Available with either foil, decorative or acoustic finishes
  • Creates a safer work environment during construction
Available in all States

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