Trimclad® – Commercial & Industrial Roofing & Walling

Requiring only a minimum pitch of 2 degrees Trimclad® roofing and walling is a preferred choice for commercial and industrial uses.

It is manufactured from 0.35mm, 0.42mm and 0.48mm BMT COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel or galvanised steel. Trimclad® can be custom cut to specified lengths and comes in the range of COLORBOND® steel colours.

 DOWNLOAD – Trimclad® Cyclonic Design Manual.  


  • Suitable for roofing & walling
  • Ideal for commercial & industrial applications
  • Range of accessories
  • Long spanning capability
  • COLORBOND® steel colour range
  • Trimclad Roofing & Walling

  • Trimclad - Zincalume® & Shale Grey®

Available in all States

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