Eavesline Gutter – Metroll WA only

The slimline base and high face of this gutter make it the perfect choice for sleek, contemporary designs, equally well suited to commercial or residential applications.

Clip Type:
– F Type for metal fascia
– Standard for timber

– Internal & External Mitres
– Stop Ends

– Gutter available for pick-up within the hour. Min. order quantity  7 l/m
– Roll to order 1 – 8m
– Slotting available on request

DOWNLOAD – Eavesline Gutter.dxf

  • Eavesline Gutter
    Eavesline Gutter - Available from Metroll WA only
  • Metroll Eavesline Gutter
    Slotted Eavesline Gutter - Available on request

WA Only

Metroll Eavesline Gutter dimensions and capacity
Available in WA only

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