Patioline Gutter – Metroll WA only

As the name suggests, this profile has been designed for use with patio, verandah, carport and garage applications. The wide return fold on the back of the profile allows Patioline to be fixed to the roof sheeting.

Clip Type:
– Universal

– Left & Right Mitres
– Roll to order 1 – 8m

– Gutter available for pick-up within the hour. Min. order quantity  7 l/m
– Roll to order 1 – 8m
– Slotting available on request

DOWNLOAD – Patioline Gutter.dxf

  • Patioline Gutter
    Patioline Gutter - Available from Metroll WA only
  • Metroll Patioline Gutter
    Slotted Patioline Gutter - Available on request

WA Only

Metroll Patioline Gutter Dimensions and Capacity
Available in WA only

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