Standard Flashings

Metroll’s comprehensive selection of flashings, barge ends, corner trims and valleys are designed and manufactured to enhance the appearance of all gutter, roof and building styles. Whether for commercial, industrial, rural or domestic application, Metroll offer an extensive range of sizes, colours and styles to suit.

Standard Flashing Range

1.  E Type Barge Mould   
2. Standard Barge   
3. Standard Apron Flashing 
4. Wedge Over Flashing 
5. Edgeroll 
6. Corner Mould 
7. Hookover Flashing 
8. Secret Gutter 
9. Gable Roll  

  • Extensive range of sizes & styles
  • Available in COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steels
  • Available in galvanised and stainless steels

Secret Gutter


Hookover Flashing

Gable Roll

Edge Roll

E Type Barge

Corner Mould

Standard Barge

Standard Apron Barge

Available in all States

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