0.60 Corodek® – For Curved Applications

For curving and bullnosing, Metroll recommends a heavier gauge steel such as 0.60 Corodek®.

This is a custom length, corrugated roofing profile, manufactured from 0.60mm BMT COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel or galvanised steel. G300 steel allows for the curving and bending of 0.60 Corodek®.

END LAPS: To allow for successful end lapping always ensure lapped sheets are the same profile, gauge and coating type. 

  • Perfect for Heritage styling
  • Suits a variety of curving styles
  • Long lengths
  • Large range of accessories
  • Custom cut
  • COLORBOND® steel colour range
  • render of a single sheet of curved 0.60 corodek
  • Image of 0.60 Corodek installed on a house.
  • Image of 0.60 Corodek installed on a curved roof.

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