Metrospan® – High Strength Square Profile

Metrospan® is a roll formed, custom length, high tensile steel, uniformly profiled roofing and wall sheeting material, manufactured from 0.35mm*, 0.42mm and 0.48mm BMT COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® or galvanised steels. 

Metrospan® is ideal roofing and wall cladding for commercial and industrial buildings, roofing for new homes, home extensions, carports, garages, patios, fencing, fascia and façade work. Visit the Resources page to download the Cyclonic Design Manual for Metrospan®.

*0.35mm BMT subject to availability. Please check with your local Metroll branch.

DOWNLOAD – Metrospan® Cyclonic Design Manual

DOWNLOAD – Metrospan.dxf

  • Suitable for roofing & walling
  • COLORBOND® steel colour range
  • High strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Long spanning capability
  • sheet of metrospan sheeting
    Metrospan® Roofing & Walling
  • Metrospan® sheeting in situ as exterior walling on a building
    Metrospan® Roofing & Walling. Ideal for commercial and industrial buildings.
Metroll Metrospan roofing and walling specification table including profile, dimensions,, effective cover and maximum spans.
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