Metzag / Metfence Colorbond Fencing

Metzag’s profile is identical on both sides with bold lines for a modern pattern. In VIC this profile is known as Metfence.

Standard Panel Width:
3125mm – VIC only

Standard Panel Height:
1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.
Other heights available. Enquire with your Metroll branch.

DOWNLOAD – Metroll Fencing Installation Guide

DOWNLOAD – COLORBOND® Fence Colour Range
Always check for colour availability with your Metroll Branch

DOWNLOAD – Metzag / Metfence Fencing.dxf

  • Identical on both sides of the fence
  • Doesn't rattle in the posts
  • Genuine COLORBOND® steel
  • Range of accessories
  • No gaps or footholds when installed correctly
  • Backed by BlueScope warranty
  • Metzag Colorbond fence in Domain with plant fronds in front.

    Metzag in Domain®

  • Render of a single sheet of metzag metfence colorbond fencing
Render showing a 3D render image of the metzag metfence and a line drawing of the profile

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