Made from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steels, the Metroll range of fascia and gutters is practical and designed to fit the demanding needs of any building and environment including commercial and industrial, rural and domestic.

Metroll offers an extensive range of gutter accessories including internal and external gutter brackets, internal straps, stop ends, mitre corners and cast angles. Click on a gutter below for more product information:

1.   Eavesline Gutter
2.   Roofline Colonial Gutter
3.   Patioline Gutter
4.   Quickfix Gutter
5.   Squareline Gutter
6.   High Front Quad Gutter
7.   Low Front Quad Gutter
8.   Big M Gutter
9.   Metroline Square Gutter
10. Metroline Fascia Gutter 
11. Newcastle Fascia Gutter
11. 150 Half Round Gutter
12. Skyline Gutter

The Graptor provides the easiest way to comply with Australian Standards and mandatory gutter overflow requirements of the BCA with no slots required.
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  • Photo showing downpipe, gutter and fascia on a house
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